What is Dry Mouth?
What causes Dry Mouth?
Diagnosis of Dry Mouth
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DRY MOUTH, also known as "XEROSTOMIA" (Greek: "xero" = dry; "stoma" = mouth), is a very common condition. It affects about one in every four to five adults, mainly women. Moreover, it’s prevalence increases with age. Fifteen to 20% of young adults, circa 20 years of age, complain of oral dryness; by 60-80 years of age, roughly 30-40% of the aged suffer from oral desiccation . Dry mouth is primarily caused by drugs and systemic diseases

Drymouth.info provides authoritative information about:

  (1) What Causes Dry Mouth,
(2) What happens when your mouth feels dry,
(3) How you diagnose dry mouth conditions and
(4) What are some treatments for drymouth.

In addition, Drymouth.info is a comprehensive resource about

You will be able to search for drugs which induce oral dryness by multiple techniques: By Trade or Brand Name, By Alphabet, and By Drug Class or Generic Name. The site also allows you to search and identify drugs which may cause Dry Eyes.

Do you suffer from Dry Mouth?
Does your mouth usually feel dry?
Do you have difficulty with swallowing?
Do you have trouble with tasting foods?
Is your mouth sensitive to acidic, salty or spicy foods?
Do you have recurring dental decay problems?

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