Overview of Drugs
and Dry Mouth
The Complexities of the Drug-Dry Mouth Relationship
Diagnosis of Dry Mouth: Symptoms, signs, causes
Dry Mouth and
Salivary Flow
Treatment of Drug-induced Xerostomia
Sources of Information/Abbreviations
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About 1 out of 4 to 5 adults, mainly women, suffer from dry mouth (xerostomia). Though often regarded as a trivial complaint, it is usually accompanied by a wide variety of additional oral grievances, as well as by ocular and other symptoms. These symptoms, which are mainly caused by systemic diseases and by the intake of xerogenic medications, are often the consequence of generalized exocrine hypofunction. Basic functions such as speech, taste, mastication, swallowing, smell, sight and even sex --- activities which influence the quality of our lives and provide us with so much pleasure --- may be seriously affected.

This portal of drymouth.info is primarily about Drugs and Dry Mouth. Information is also provided about select drugs which may induce ocular dryness. In addition, data are given regarding the symptoms, signs, causes and potential remedies for dry mouth.


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